• TRAINING: Training program to the correct use of the drone for beginners 4 days 6 hours

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    the training program.

  • Areas with danger of collapse

  • Industrial plants

  • Areas not easily accessible

  • building inspections even in urban areas

  • Inspections in dangerous areas of fires and hydrogeological and video inspection of waterways

  • Industrial video surveillance and private areas

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Who we are

We are four professional entrepreneurs who have combined their different experiences in industrial safety, in video recordings, in the design and mechanical engineering and computer science building, to build a company able to offer a product and a cut tailored service for the end customer .

The drone is a new multi-functional platform that is calibrated for the specific needs of each professional with a product or service eligible.

The many years of experience of the universe modeled flight from design, assembly and the many hours of flight allows us to offer the drone as the most important business tool that can offer services until now unthinkable, thanks to cutting-edge technologies.

The company is very young, you are arming the Law permits according to the new ENAC current regulation "Vehicles Aircraft Piloting Remote" Editionv 2 last revised on 21 December 2015.


Program practical courses in the Airfield*



Open courses in plenary *



Online courses program in Webinar *

29 | January | Talk Studio 2016 Webinar

Mini Drones below 300 grams ability to operate in urban areas, albeit with some limitations.

Spokesman Luca Folli and Stefano Cremonini

At the same webinar will discuss 3D printers Rapporteur Fabio Tortora 3D angle of Bologna.



The training rooms and the practical Airfield, will be held Artemide Congress Centre in Castel San Pietro Terme >>

Stefano Cremonini
Commercial, security and surveillance systems

Luca Folli
Commercial, enabled Pilot ENAC and video recordings, Mechanical multi helicopters design

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